Zouping Company's first Reading Sharing Session

On November 20, 2020, Sanyuan Aluminum Zouping Company officially held the first reading sharing meeting since the company implemented the three-dimensional system change. In line with the principle of “continuous improvement”, on the basis of summarizing the experience and lessons learned from the previous Zouping company's organization of the reading club, this reading club has changed its organizational form and activity content, and established the integral rules of the reading club.
  Zhang Chao, president of the reading club, introduced the purpose of the company's reading club. Real reading is the process of learning, thinking and practicing.Among them, thinking plays a role in inheriting from the top to the bottom, and is an important transformation point for learning and practice. It requires us not to go to school aimlessly, but to take the problems that need to be solved, and transform the content we have learned into our own things through thinking and practice them.