Lean change, the Pursuit of excellence---and the Launch Conference of the Transformation and Upgrading of Sanyuan Aluminum Company (Lean Production Management)

Due to the faster and faster process of world economic integration and the impact of the epidemic, international and domestic competition is becoming increasingly fierce.China's real economy is gradually declining, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. The various challenges they face are becoming more and more obvious. Cost pressures, management and efficiency issues are becoming more and more prominent. The living environment is extremely harsh, and they are facing the choice of transformation and elimination.If our company wants to survive and develop in this period, it must seek more suitable management methods to solve the bottleneck of enterprise development and management.
  After discussion, the three leaders of the company, Mr. Du Wenbin, General Manager of the company, Mr. Lu Peng, Executive Vice President, and Ms. Huang Haihong, Director of Purchasing Human Resources, reached a consensus and decided to transform and upgrade traditional production management to “lean production management”.At the same time, the three leaders sincerely invited a senior expert professor of lean management: Mr. Sun Dipeng, as the company's management consultant, to guide the company's lean production management and knowledge system work.
  Mr. Sun Dipeng (hereinafter referred to as: Mr. Sun), born in April 1942, graduated from Shanghai East China Institute of Chemical Technology as an economist.He has served as assistant to the director of Shanghai Baosteel General Factory, Chief economist of Baosteel Group, General Manager of Baosteel Industrial Development Co., Ltd., and Consultant Professor of International MBA at Portland State University in the United States.
  Mr. Sun has more than 50 years of corporate work experience. 36 years ago, he went to the world-advanced New Nippon Steel Co., Ltd. Oita Iron Works to learn modern factory management.Relying on his rich experience in the industry and advanced lean management level, Mr. Sun has helped many well-known domestic enterprises successfully improve their production management level and core competitiveness.Judging from the current two companies in the metal packaging alliance, Aurican and Borite, under the guidance and help of Mr. Sun, they have achieved good results from lean production management and labor productivity has been greatly improved.
  On September 11, 2020, the launch conference of Sanyuan Aluminum Company's transformation and Upgrading (lean production management) was officially held. A total of 95 people from the two factories participated in the simultaneous meeting through a video connection.

  At the launch conference, Mr. Du Wenbin, General Manager, first introduced Mr. Sun to all colleagues, and affirmed the achievements of Baosteel, Aurican, and Borite in upgrading “lean production management”.At the same time, I call on everyone to seize this rare opportunity and work hard to learn from Mr. Sun humbly.Mr. Du also explained the significance of transformation and upgrading for everyone. Transformation is to change concepts, starting from learning; promotion is to continuously improve the core competitiveness, management level and self-ability of the enterprise.Only by truly transforming and upgrading can our company develop and grow for a long time, and only then will we personally reflect the value we deserve.
  Subsequently, Mr. Lu Peng, deputy general manager, made a profound statement that he would start from himself and start to change from his heart. He wanted to be an active learner, and at the same time called on everyone around him to follow Mr. Sun to learn and change.I hope that the business management experience accumulated by Veteran Sun for decades will be planted in the soil of Sanyuan and take root in Liaoyuan.
  Next, Ms. Huang Haihong, Director of human resources procurement, stated that she would take the lead in studying hard and lead the team to learn from Sun Lao's management experience down-to-earth.In the next three years, through learning and change, we will definitely become the pioneers of Sanyuan and the diligent Sanyuan people.

  Finally, Mr. Sun made a concluding speech for the start-up conference.Mr. Sun said that the transformation of Sanyuan Company should start from two aspects: one is the “governance transformation”, from the upper structure reform; the other is the “production mode transformation”, from the traditional production mode to the lean production mode.These two kinds of transformations are called “three-dimensional transformations”, which are different from Aurican and Borite because the three leaders have stated that they want to change from themselves.
  The company will set up a management committee, which is a governance body, the leading body of the company during the transformation period, and the authority before the transformation is completed.This is a major reform, and Mr. Du took the lead in supporting the statement, and other leaders supported it.
  The company's goal is to increase labor productivity by 30% and reduce product nonconformity and complaint rates by 50% through hard work in the next three years.
  The start-up conference is about to end, and Mr. Sun passionately announced: The Sanyuan Aluminum Lean Production Management University has opened!We sincerely look forward to every student achieving excellent results and getting a graduation certificate.You will also become high-quality lean production and management talents, and provide our excellent products and high-quality services to customers.
  Learning power is competitiveness!The lean transformation of ternary aluminum is imperative. We will closely follow the steps of the company's leaders and learn lean production management down-to-earth.As Mr. Sun said, Sanyuan once had a glorious past, and it must have a brilliant future!Let us start again to build a Sanyuan company that not only has temperature, but also has depth, and constantly pursues excellence.