Team learning creates team culture

Lean production mainly includes two parts: “production according to standards” and “continuous improvement on site”.Organizing standards, writing textbooks, reviewing coaches, and OJT implementation are all team learning.On-site improvement is for the project team to find out the root cause and repeatedly test the countermeasures until it is successful. It is also the team's learning at work.
  In order to promote the development of lean production and the construction of team culture, organizing a reading club based on the three books of Toyota will accelerate the construction of the foundation of lean production.
  Recently, the promotion of lean production of Sanyuan Aluminum Company is in full swing.
  Following the training of Teacher Yin Yu of the coaching staff last week on "How OJT Coaching is Refined", the Production department and the Quality Control Department immediately launched training to expand the scope of personnel to ensure that the squad leader and supervisor level and above have an understanding and mastery of the “OJT standard four-step method and the six-step method of problem analysis and solution” knowledge points in the training.